“You are wonderfully made, in the likeness…”

“A lone man, stranger in a strange land, climbs to the top of mountain to see the stars more clearly and all he meets are the myriad aspects of Self reflected in the sparkling night sky.”

“The wise man acknowledges the vestiges of the universe within Self.”

“Know thyself…and to thine ownself  be true.”



A ZENITH is that point in the heavens which is vertical to the spectator, and from which a perpendicular line passing through him and extended would reach the center of the earth.  Trees are fixed. We are mutable, mobile, so called “wanderers” like our planets but also with a definite course and that course is to grow, to evolve,to contribute our experience to the universe we share.  So the ZENITH STARGAZER sees a 1001 stars in the sky, and may move and flow and be  unlimited in his perspective and manifestation such that any of those points may become a central focus.  His ability to shift is the very nature of his being.

The prevailing notion suggests that a person is limited in terms of what he can do in one lifetime.  Youth are constantly told they have to pick a career and stick to it.  Even our conditioning suggests we have to choose “just one” in just about everything we do.  Such limitation causes tremendous suffering on this plane.  Such limitation is contrary to our very natures.  We are fundamentally made to exceed barriers, to explore, to experiment…to BE.  We are made to pursue new heights of BEING.

I am ZENITH STARGAZER, one of a myriad number of Functionalities that comprise a single being: the multiplicity existing within the singularity.

I challenge these notions of limitation.  Yes, there are only so many hours in a day, and only so much a person can do.  But how you manage your day, how you define yourself, how you choose to perceive your capacity to diversify and impact reality means everything in terms of how exciting and productive your life may  become.

Functionalities are more than just names.  They embody a whole knowledge-base necessary to endeavor, grow in and contribute to an area or scope of human endeavor.  For my existence, these “names” trigger functionality within that arena of human activity, just as the fictional boy “Billy Batson” invoked the classical Greek deities in the name “SHAZAM” to become the heroic “Captain Marvel”.  Whereas I doubt I will be donning the red tights anytime soon, I do want to invoke the akashic aptitude to participate in the comprehensive scope of human Knowing, Doing and Being at will.

I am ZENITH STARGAZER,  A Cataloguer of Functionalities.  Each of my names you may view in the categories on the right column are like the stars in the sky, and each of them a window to a whole world of activity and my unique way of contributing.  ZENITH 1001 is  my media production which is to serve as a guide to limitless living.  I trust you will find the varying departments interesting, informative, sometimes irrational, possibly infuriating but always with the intent to be insightful.  Enjoy.




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